Anyone who has ever faced the task of dismissing an employee knows the challenges.

Apart from the emotional aspect, there is often uncertainty about important legal issues.Does a severance payment have to be made? If so, at what amount? Can I dismiss the employee without a warning? What claims do I have when issuing a job reference?

All these questions are usually addressed by costly legal advisors.💸

Our mission

Since nearly every termination process generally follows a certain logic, we founded twinwin to answer your questions quickly, cost-efficiently and professionally.

It is particularly important to us to focus on separation processes in which the employer and employee part on good terms - a twinwin, so to speak, while simultaneously ensuring legal conformity and fairness towards the employees as well as the corporate culture.

This is our mission, for which we give our best every day:

twinwin - Simple. Fair. Separate. 🙌

Our founders

Eleni. Founder/CLO
Loves music and dance  💃

Eleni is a licensed and experienced lawyer who has worked for PWC and Onefootball, among others. Her main focus was employment, contract , trademark and IP law. In recent years she acted as VP of the human resources and legal department at Factory Berlin. Eleni enjoys working in a dynamic working environment, together with smart and inspiring people who think outside the box.This is how she unfolds her full potential.

Max. Founder/CEO
Loves catching waves 🏄

Max holds an Msc in HRM & organisational analysis from King's College London, previously founded an HR SaaS company and worked as VP HR for Europe's fastest growing Insuretech. Prior to that he was a management consultant overseeing restructuring/downsizing projects for DAX companies.