Twinwin is your Swiss Army Knife for
HR and Employment Law

With Twinwin you can solve today's problems and prevent tomorrow's, as automated as possible, as individual as necessary.


Based on your provided information , our Auto-Advise modules give you a risk assessment and specific, relevant recommendations - quickly, digitally and securely.

Modules: Employee separation and false self-employment
60 € per use
Included for members

Ask & Align

Whether a strategic issue, specific technical questions or joint sparring: with an expert, most matters can be solved in under 30 minutes.

All topics related to HR & employment law¹.
125 € per consultation¹
Included for members

Analyze & Audit

Together we will take a close look at the status quo and set the course for the next level of your HR and legal structures.

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900 € fixed
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(Audits with special focus upon request.)
Members save 25 %

Individual Services

Every company faces its own challenges. Of course, we also provide support for very individual requirements¹, even if we do not yet offer a suitable digital solution for the topic in question.

240 € per hour
Members save 25 %
¹(Legal advice is provided by and partner attorneys. Our T&Cs apply).